Venyn Hibachi Multipurpose Charcoal Burner - Starter for Hookah, Shisha, Nargila, BBQ Fire – Porcelain Coating

695924849325 (UPC)
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The Venyn Hibachi Multipurpose Charcoal Burner is a versatile and efficient charcoal starter designed for various purposes, including hookah, shisha, nargila, and BBQ fire. It features a porcelain coating for heat and corrosion resistance, ensuring a safe and easy-to-use experience. The starter comes with smart heat control, allowing for precise temperature adjustments and efficient coal burning. It also includes a detachable handle, which serves as a carrying handle and a hook for hanging the starter when not in use. The product features an on/off indicator, making it easy to monitor the starter's status and prevent overheating.